Contemporary Poetry

I love to write poetry it is a fine art to me, the
reason is because of the way in which most poets view their poetry.
It is a picture that has to be written instead of painted into the
reader’s mind. The poet who writes with clarity can help portray
that view as being whatever he is seeing or hearing in his mind at
the time of his writing.

That is why poetry is so realistic, it has meaning and lot of detail.
Poets of yesterday wrote very good poetry. I admired such poets
as Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, etc. Their poems was written
about what they saw and about the kinds of things that they
were adhering to or communicating within their society at
the presence time in which they lived.

Their words and dialects were spoken words of yesterday,
and they could relate to people then the way in which
our Contemporary poets relate to people of today’s society.
Contemporary poetry to me describes the problems people
are going through with today in their love affairs, relationships,
marriages, faith, religion, hope, despair, loss, frustration,
betrayal, etc. Contemporary poems tells it all. I love to
write about things that are happening in people’s lives today,
so when someone read one of my poems, he or she can say
hey that is what I am going through or have been through,
or I feel like that or felt like that before, or have
been through one of the situations that I write about
in my poetry. I enjoy reading other poets writing as
well on Contemporary poetry and hope that everyone
who read my poetry will enjoy it as well.


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