Friends are people we love and trust, they

are the ones who can get next to us.

We count on our friends to always be there,

and to never ever be unfair.


Friends are the ones who should see you through,

not try to deceive and get the best of you.

Friends are people we respect, they should never

make us regret. They are the ones we can tell

most of our problems to but they should never

betray you.  Friends should never let you down,

they are the ones always around.

Friends are the ones we laugh, cry, even say

good-bye to, they should never be untrue.

They can be ever so sweet, there are friends

who are very unique.  They can bring a smile to

your face or either bring you shame and disgrace.


Friends can be ever so bad, these are the ones you

wish you never had but we all realize friends are there

no matter what, we all just need to love and keep the





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