I Tried

I tried my best to love you true but all you did was make me blue.
You kept on lying making me mad. even though you were the best love
I’ve ever had. I tried to make believe that we were in love again,
it just didn’t work, I could not win. You just wouldn’t let it happen
to me, I was to in love with you to see. I tried my best to make you
happy everyday but you still wanted everything to go your way.

I tried my best to sit down and talk, all you did was get up and walk.
Then there were times I tried to explain then you would began calling
me out my name, as if someone had gone madly insane and now you want me
to accept the blame. This I will never do, sometimes I wonder what
in the world has come over you?

I tried my best to forgive and forget, yet in still you would not let me
outlive all the guilt and the pain, you wanted me to wallow in my shame,
what kind of person could be so mean? You are the type of person who
want to always be right and who love to argue, fuss and fight.
Now this is all I have to say to you, my love I tried and now I am through.


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