How To Be Happy

Have you ever wondered why some people seemed to be

always happy while others are always looking, acting, and

feeling depressed all the times? Well this is one thing for

all of us to consider, You are the only one who really makes your

happiness. Happiness is something which comes from within.

God has already given all of us the power to maintain our happiness

and peace of mind. The choice is up to You. Choose this day whom

you will serve?  The Bible clearly states If You Love God Keep His

Commandments.  This is a question you should ask yourself, do you really

love God enough to turn from those sinful ways and acts that we know what

we are doing?  Let us all give this a thought for a minute, is this sin that we love

so much worth us losing our souls for?  The decision is up to you. God do not

force us to do anything, he lets you make your own choice whether it be good or

bad but the consequences that you might have to suffer in making those decisions

can bring some  life-changing events in your life that you may regret the Rest of

your life and only you will have to live with it. Now is it worth it? Think about it,

or you really wanting all this extra burdens on you for making wrong choices in

life, you will have to face these evils everyday and will most certainly regret it.


The real truth is that some of us do not understand how this can be

God clearly states in the Bible “Man Must Always Pray”.  If we would

learn to Abide By and Keep God’s words within our Hearts, Bodies, Minds,

Spirits, And Souls, we can never go wrong.  God’s words will Never Fail.

Most of us have tried everything else to make us happy, partying, having lots

of sex, taking drugs and doing all of these bad habits and still resulted with

the same old results, feelings of depression, stress, unhappiness, a loss of

stability and the inability to cope with life.  There is no happiness doing these

things, so why do them?  We must all ask ourselves, what did God say do,

in God’s word he says Man Must Always Pray, and Seek Ye My Kingdom And

My Righteous And All these things(Happiness, Joy, Blessing, Prosperity) will be

Added Unto You.  There must be something within You to lead, guide and direct

you in “All” your ways and “All” your doings, and God will Direct Your Paths.


God is the source who can give you that inner-peace, that love and happiness,

even in the midst of a storm, if it seems like everything is your life is going wrong,

and feel like the weight of the whole world is all your showers, just stop and take

time to pray, ask God for his help, what did God say, “Ask” and it shall be given

unto You, Seek And You Shall Find, Knock And The Door Will Be Open Unto You,

now what else or who else do you need beside your creator?  You need Jesus in your

life each and everyday you wake up, Thank Jesus for being such a good and kind

and merciful God.  Look around you, he bless you to live to see another beautiful

day, this is something to be graceful for. Tell God , I Love You God, Thank You Lord

for All Your Grace And Goodness that you have given unto me, and watch how much

better your life will go.  Things will begin to change in a good way. just take time to

acknowledge God in All Your Ways And ALL your doings and God will Direct Your Paths.

Who wouldn’t want to serve a God like this? What A Mighty God We Serve, Praise him

People, give your hearts, bodies, minds and spirits, soul to God. 


God loves You and He Will Take  Care Of You, Give Your Lives to God Everyday.

And Learn To Live! God Bless Everyone!  


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