How To Be Friendly

There are lots of people in the World who already know how to be
friendly and kind, so this article do not pertain to you. It is
mostly for those who want to be more friendly but perhaps can’t
or do not know how to or just plain do not want to be. Some
people are content being the way in which they are, just themselves
and if no one like them then tough luck because they could care
less, they feel like they do not need any friends anyway and they
are happy just the way they are. Well I have nothing to say about
that because that is your right and your freedom to do as you please,
to each individual you have your own rights to live and act the
way in which you want to except for breaking the law. Then you
will have to answer to your law enforcement agencies for these
negative and horrible behavior types.

There are so many ways in which an individual can be more friendly.
In order to have a friend, it is true you need to be one. Do not
wait around for other people to always “look up to you” like you are
the most important one. No one like to be around a person who is
perceived as being this way. This will make someone very uncomfortable
because your emotions are being displayed the wrong way.

If you make more money or have more material things than your friend do,
please don’t use this to make one feel less than you are. Do not be the
one always bragging about you have a newer model car, new furniture, new
house, more money in the bank, more prettier girl-friends or boy-friends
than your friend does, this is awful and just not caused for, it is a good
thing that you do have all this going for you but try to be nice about it.
Try to encourage your friend to want to do better if he or she isn’t trying
to do anything with their lives but do it in a nicer way, not bragging and
making the person feel worse than before. There is a right way and there is
a wrong way you can say or do anything and not hurt someone’s feeling in
saying it. Try to be nice, maybe life is wonderful for you hooray good.

Your purpose to be more friendlier will make a much more better relationship
between you and your friend. Sometimes treat your friend out on the house, do
not expect your friend to always come out of his or her pocket to pay for the
drinks or the meal. Also there is something else, just because your friend has
money doesn’t mean that you have to “free load” on them either. Be a bigger person,
you have money sometimes especially if you work, try to be real in this situation
and invite your friend with all the money out sometimes, you will be surprise how
it will make him or her feel, just great! It is good to know that you are sharing
and giving just as much as they are and not trying to get over on them.

why not try to do the same thing for him or her sometimes?
Say for instance, if your friend invite you to dinner one evening,
why can’t you return that same hospitality and invite your friend
to your home for dinner? I am not saying everyone out in the world
is not being friendly because there are those of you who already
know exactly how to be friendly and cordial to your friends.

There may be something that your friend want but is not able to get
it, you know this individual is having a hard time right now, maybe
even has lost his or her job, well if this person is nice and reputable,
try doing them a favor, get that gift they want as long as it is in
reasonable pricing and not to far-fetched, You will be surprised
how good this will make this person feel. Your friend will always
remember this if they are the right types of friends? There will
be nothing to good for you either, they will offer to maybe wash the
car for you, go grocery shopping, clean the house, who know? being
kind goes a long ways.

Also who knows if you are sick, which I hope and pray not, your friend
that you were so kind to, may be the one who takes care of you, especially
if you have no family or friends but them. SO all in all, just be nice
and more friendly to others and it will come back to you, as the old
saying goes, You Weap What You Sow, therefore, while traveling down life
journey try to do more good than bad and see how much better you will feel.


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