Manners Are They Good To Have?

I can remember as far back to when I was a small child, my
parents would tell me manners and behavior will carry you far.
I didn’t quite understand exactly what they meant by that? Carry
me far? how far, well that was those old saying that people of
the old school as you would say, often repeated.
Anyway I was taught as a child whenever someone did something
nice or kind for you, say Thank You. That was nice of them to
do that for you, do not take anything for granted as if someone
had to do it. No one have to do nothing for you if they prefer
not to, some people do things from the kindness of their hearts
but it do make them feel better if you would show some type of
appreciation by saying Thank You or I Appreciate It.

You will be amazed at just how far those words can take you or
do for you. Say for instance, if you have a job interview, after
you have it always remember to tell the person who interviewed
you Thank You. This act of gratitude can as the old sayings goes,
tell you a long ways. You might even get the job simply because
you had manners, you say Thank You for the Interview. Some people
have interviews and never say thanks, then wonder why perhaps you
didn’t get selected, all of this is included in the selection process
also, an individual’s personality and the way in which he or she
reacts to certain situations has a lots to do with him or her landing
the job, how well you get along with people, are you friendly, show
initiative, and by all means manners.

Sometimes some of us forget to tell our children, husbands, wives,
families, and friends Thank You for all the great things they have done
for us.We sometimes take for granted that they have to do these things,
which is wrong, they do not have to do some of the nice things they do.
If your child surprise you and tell you are beautiful or that some
dress or suit looks great on you, tell them thank you. This will help
develop their character also because it informs them that whenever someone
says something nice or compliment you tell them Thank You, do not just
say anything, like you are being conceited and just don’t care.

Manners are a great attributes to have, they can and will go a long way
as the old saying goes, especially if you are grateful for what others
do for you and not take for granted they should be doing something
which they just do out of kindness. If someone bake you a cake for
your birthday, be grateful and say Thank You, these are just a few
pointers I wanted to pin point. Lots of people I have talked to
refer to manners as being something that should be taught when a child
is young and by their parents, so when a child’s personality is reflected,
these precious traits will be portrayed and people will know that this
individual has good qualities because he or she has manners and it


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