Never Give Up

There may be times when you might just feel like saying
“Away With It All”, I give up. But this is the time when
you should just sit still and evaluate your situation.
Think about why you are in the predicament that you are
in right now? then ask yourself “How did I get to this point”?
These are all vital questions that we all should adhere to
if we want true answers. We shouldn’t be so easy to go
into accusations about something or someone if we haven’t
done any soul-searching.

Sometimes it is our own fault. We are the ones who got
ourselves into this mess by making either the wrong choices
in life or trusting the wrong people. In our lives we have
to be careful of the company we keep and the choices that
we make. The price is too high to pay often times for the
wrong decision. It can bring a set-back to you in life,
causing one to have to go from 100 to point zero. Who
wants this to happen? No one who is thinking logically.

The reason why I am elaborating on this subject longer
is because when we hit rock-bottom or receive
a rejection from something or someone in life, we are
ready to give up and call it quits. That is the time
when you should be more persistent than ever to succeed
at what your expectations are. Consider the reason why
you wanted your plans to be a success and keep it in your
mind. Say to yourself, “No matter what I will Survive”.
Life is full of surprises, some of them can really take
you for a loop. Always remember, “where there is a Will
there is a Way”.

Life can bring strange and unusual problems to all of us,
but the thing is, we must all learn to cope with whatever
it is, keep saying to yourself, this isn’t the first problem
I’ve encountered and most certainly want be the last.
You have got to remember Life Goes On, and it want stop
simply because we have come to the fork in the road.
Get up, put on your gear and helmet, be ready to fight
back at whatever obstacles that you might be facing.
Let the obstacle know that you are going to Make It,
with God All Things Are Possible. Know in your heart,
mind, body, spirit and soul, that God will take care of
you and will bring you through.

With God “You can do All Things” but “Without him, You can
do Nothing”. Always remember to pray even harder when
life began to give you the hard rocks as some say,
You can’t deal with these problems by yourself, look
to Your Creator, God created You. God knows just
how much you can bear. It may not be what you want
but God will work it out for your best, if you let him.

The moral of this blog is to never give up if your
are facing a difficult situation in your life, the
only thing I can recommend you to do is Pray like
You Never Prayed before because sooner or later we
All are going to need prayer. Pray for your family,
friends, neighbor, America, everyone. Ask God to
give us all the strength to bear our burdens, God
made us All, and No one, I mean No one knows us any
better than God. Have A Blessed Day.


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