Tornado In Alabama April 27, 2011

Hello World, first of all I am writing this Contemporary Poem about
Alabama and the tornado seasons we here in Alabama have to endure.
It is a very scary time, All of us here is at the Mercy Of God
when the Tornadoes do come, We seek shelter, pray and hope we all survive.
I just wanted to share this poem with the World because these tornadoes
were the worst we had in a long time, it happened on April 27, 2011, a date
and time in History, most people here will never forget. it sent destruction
in about 20-30 counties that night, stayed on the ground for hours with a path
so long and wide, so much destruction that day. The President came to Tuscaloosa,
Alabama to view some of the destruction. Alabama was declared A Disaster.

How furious it was, God sent his powers from above, God let the
black clouds and the rain come gushing through our windowpanes.
Oh what a scary sight to see, I felt like running, I tried to free
me. The gushing winds blowing so fast, I never thought I would last.
The winds God sent was meant to be, to warn us all our souls need to
be free.

He sent his fury fast and long, we were all surprised where it roamed.
The tornadoes went from one county to another, sending it wrath, killing,
destroying and giving us trouble. Cries were heard throughout the
night, people screaming and praying with all their might.

The tornadoes didn’t stop, they destroyed our lands and ruined our crops.
The devastation left on our minds is here to stay and will never go away.
This was a terrible storm we will never forget because it lasted a long
time and all of us were upset. We hoped and prayed it would pass us by,
asking and praying to God “Please Don’t Let Us Die”.

We all tried to seek shelter in our homes, before we knew it, everything
was gone. Some of us found ourselves standing outside with nothing hardly
for cover, we were screaming and crying searching for one another.


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