This is something that we all should be taking under consideration.  What do we want to do with our lives?  To some this question is very easy to answer because they know exactly what it is that makes them happy. Whatever you enjoy doing the most and have a passion for is the position in life you should be seeking.  There are those enjoy building and making things from scratch, with no problem, it just comes natural and it is something that you love doing, well most of these types of people should consider going to college to become an engineer so they can learn mor e about blue-prints and laying down foundations for building certain things. Then there are people who love to settle an argument or dispute which may come up without any hesitation, the best course for them would to become lawyers, attorney, people who enjo helping out others who can’t seemed to defend themselves or solve their own problem.  This type of individual enjoy solving other people’s problem be it great or small, so this field would be >great to pursue.We also have people who were born with the gift of helping others in time of need, they just love attending to other people when they can’t seemed to do for themselves, they have a deep love for these types of individuals, and the best position for them is to become a Doctor or Nurse, someone who takes an oath to help save the lives of others no matter what.  They love helping people and try their best to nourish them back to health.Do you know of someone who just loves to cook, there is not a time that you came around them, they were either cooking something good or offering some good tasting food to you to eat and the most important thing about it, is that they enjoyed doing this, it is no hazard  to this person. well this type of individual should consider being a Cook or either open up his or her own restaurant and serve some of that delicious food to the world.  There is a fortune to be made here and they should also consider going back to school to take up Culinary Arts in Cooking, this will add more prestige to their name and business.  Who knows this person could end up cooking for one of Hollywood’s Celebrities, or could own a famous restaurant somewhere.Don’t forget about the Singers, and Song-Writers, they are great professions to be in.if you know someone who can sing like never before, whenever they open up their mouths, they are singing a tune to some song and it sound fantastic! Well this is what you should be doing, singing and giving the world the best talent and gift that you have, it will make a lots of people happy and change some lives.  Your singing can bring therapy to some. Who knows, you could end up being one of the most famous singers of all times, so go for it, if you have the gift.  The people who are gifted in writing all types of songs and lyrics should become song-writers and give the world a taste of your talent, make someone happy, write a good love song, a good pop song someone can dance too. Who knows you might become rich and famous, the world need more people like you too! Your songs and writing can become a blessing.p>These are just a few of the gifts and talents that I have written about, there are so many to cover like The C.E.O. of Big Companies, of Banks, Telephone Company, Car Industries, pursuing a degree in Business Administration can take you a long ways also, you can become a leader in one of the worlds’ biggest industries, who knows?  the list goes on and on. So to all of you that has a talent and know it, please use it, give back to the world and see what good will come out of it for you. God gave this talent to All of Us and let’s find out what we do Best and Go for it.  May All of your journey on this earth be a “Blessing, And Successful”   God Bless. 


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