“America, Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave”

That sayings by itself means so much to me and countless of other Americans here.
Sometimes I often wonder, do everyone really appreciate being here in America?
Our culture and Society is so much different than most of the other third world
countries. I Thank God for being a citizen here in America everyday.

One of the Advantages we all have here is “Freedom Of Speech”, this shouldn’t be
taken so lightly. We as a people here can basically speak our minds as long as
it is in the bounds of what is right? Just because we have the freedom of speech
doesn’t mean that you, me, or anyone else has the freedom to go around saying
any or everything about someone just because You Don’t like them, this is considered
“Slander” and shouldn’t be tolerated under “No Conditions”. What might seemed like
“thrash or Unacceptable to One Company or Individual” can be A “Masterpiece or A Work
Of Art” to another one. To each’s own, everyone has his or her opinion. But it is
not anyone right to take something to the extreme to try to make someone feel bad
or look unprofessional in anything. That is not your job to do.

For one thing, if a Company don’t want someone in their “Circle” well let them know,
“Reject them” that is better then to accept them, then dish their names and good
reputation because they don’t fit up to your SO Call Standards. They want get mad,
at least they shouldn’t because where one company has certain rules and regulations
about something, another company do not. That individual might fit just fine in that
arena or circle as you might call it. Why? because “This Is America” and there are
lots of opportunities here just waiting to be obtained. Do not give up, keep trying,
because sooner or later you will succeed. Do not let anyone or anybody discourage you.

Everyone had to start somewhere, the so-called big people didn’t get where they got
without someone help or assistant. They all had to be coached, grooved along, and
everything else. Majority of the times, they know someone big and get the opportunity
to meet people that the little man will never have the opportunity to unless he just
get blessed or lucky. This also applies with education, everyone “can’t afford to go
to college and just because some do go, doesn’t mean they are all that smart. Having a
degree do not give you the right to “criticize those who do not”. There have been many a
“Great People arise from poverty who didn’t have a degree and “They Made It.” with the
help of God. Give everyone a chance to express themselves, don’t make fun of that
individual because they might not have as much education as you do, that do not make
you any better but less of a person because you do not have good character at all,
if you feel this way, you need to check yourself. God “says the meek shall inherit the
earth. Please do not forget that. All I have to say is “GOD BLESS AMERICA,
and I love you all, may you all be bless with good health, wealth and prosperity.
Life is too short to have sorrows, let those of us who has the power and the wisdom and
knowledge to help your fellowman, do just that, don’t be mean and selfish. This is how a
Country grows strong, we “ALL must bind together, to Help Pick One Another Up, not Tear Each Other Down,
think about this, and Pray that God Be With Us All. “Have A Great Day And God Bless”


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