Prayer Changes Things

There are days and times when everyone of us have gone through some kind
of change, whether it was good or bad. Maybe it all begin when you got out of
bed that morning, it might have seemed as though things started going wrong for
no apparent reason at all. You begin to wonder, hey is this the way my day is to
begin? If so, I don’t need this, let me try to start this cycle again. (smile).
You get up, looking on the floor for you house slippers but you can’t find them.
Now you know you put them there last night, well just maybe the dog got to them
and drugged one down the hall or into another room, Who knows? just one of those

This is the time to settle yourself down before you get upset, and just close
your eyes, begin to meditate to God, ask God to please start your day off right.
Before you do anything else or go any further, do this, you will be surprise how
effective whispering a little prayer to the “Almighty God” Can and “Will Change
and Turn Things Around For You”.

The next thing you know somehow you will find your house slippers and things will
be just fine. You’ll be able to go about your daily chores and will be in a much
better attitude. Everything will begin to align up the exact way in which they
should. You’ll be able to get ready for work, fix your breakfast, get the children
all out of the house for school and you all will be on your merry way.

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have the children say a little prayer before they
start their day also, everything will be so much better for them the whole day,
why because They had also Prayed And Asked God To Be With Them Also. God hear and
answers prayer. So all I am saying is Prayer Do Changes Things.

I have been so sick, didn’t know what to do, all I did was meditate a prayer to God,
asking him to “Please Have Mercy On Me and Heal My Body. You know what, God did it.
I mean this is for real, no make-believe, or anything like that, it really did happen
for me. God heard my prayer. So all I can recommend is that it want hurt no one
to have a prayer with Jesus. Always remember God gave Man the Wisdom and Knowledge
to know how to make certain types of Medicines to help remedy our sickness and to
make us feel lots better, so go to your Doctor’s Appointments, take your medicine
as indicated and watch how God work it out for you too. You will feel better and
perhaps live a much longer, productive life if you take your medicine as indicated.

Remember Faith without Works is nothing. So Pray and Take Your Medicine and Ask
God to Bless You to live a long, productive life and if you believe, he will.
Just remember “All Things Are Possible If You Only Believe”. That is the word..
May You All Be Blessed And Have A Great Day And Night.


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