September 11, 2001

God Bless America! Land that I love, stand beside her and guide her. Yes these are
really true words that are meant from my heart. I love America and what it stands
for. Most Americans will never forget this day of tragedy, we will all remember the
events that happened to change time and the countless lives that were lost.
To all those Americans who lost their lives on that awful day, we are very sorry and
still pray for the families who suffered the lost. God will take care of everyone who
experienced some type of loss or injury from this awful event. For it is God who knows
just how much we can all bear. God was still there with us all that day because it could
have been worse than what it was. God mercy and his love shielded us from further turmoil
and destruction, he stopped it all. God will always be with this Great Country of ours
because God Loves America. We are his people and God will take care of us.

I know it hurts when those of you who lost love one reflects back on this day, you
often wonder why? How come this had to happen? No one knows that answer but God.
Don’t try to figure it out because God’s will must be done. He knows the future before
we even think of it, God knows what is coming, going, has been and what is going to be.
Just trust him and most important of all, still love God as much as you did before and the
pain will get better. said Thank You God, it could have been lots worse but God’s grace
and mercy will carry us through

I personally salute all of the service-men throughout our great land of America. I want to
personally thank you for sacrificing your lives everyday for our country. You go to strange lands
and fight for what is right and don’t mind losing your lives in order to accomplish this goal so
that everyone can enjoy freedom, peace, and prosperity throughout their country as well. This is
so good of you all to think like this, “Live to Give”, All great servicemen do this because they
love America and always want to keep our land home of “the free, land of the brave” You are not
afraid to go out there and fight for what’s right and what you and we all believe in. I had 3
brothers to fight in the Vietnam war and God took care of them, they did it because they love
this great country of ours. God Bless You All. God keep you All going strong, and let us all
pray God continue to Bless America.

God’s grace and mercy will carry all of you who lost a love on through also. Just remember the
good times that you spent with them and know they are with their creator, God. One day we all
will be able to join them but until your journey is through on this earth continue to live,
love, give and be happy because this is what God wants us all to do. God will continue to bless
and take care of us all, just give all your cares to God.

America, stand up and be proud because this is one of the most wonderful country in the world
to be living in today. I can’t mention all the wonderful accomplishments and tributes America
has made to this modern day economy and society. Americans have come a long ways. We have made
new and greater inventions and made this world such a better place to live. We have greater
technologies, communication, e-commerce, telemarketing, global communication, computers, internet,
etc. Men, Women, Boys, Girls you all are a great part of this wonderful country and land of ours.
God Bless you all.


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