“Have Faith In Jesus”

There comes a time in all of our lives, we get frustrated and depressed or as you might say over-whelmed by someone or something that is affecting us.  The more we think about it or dwell on that circumstance that has us engulfed we become more and more vulnerable to take more drastic actions.  Some people can’t stand to go through a lots of turmoils and frustrations, it does something to their inner-being or their souls.  This bad karma as some may call it began to fester upon us like a terrible disease eating up your flesh, it becomes unbearable, almost to the extent where one can’t take it anymore.  You began to think how long is this going to last?  Will I be plagued with this evil problem forever, or is there someone besides me going through such drama? Why me? What have I done so bad to deserve such misery, all of my world all of my life has come falling apart right before my eyes. Then this all began to seem like an illusion of some sort, you began to feel like it is just a bad dream. You wonder when will this night-mare began to end?  Well, I am here to tell you it want unless you fall down on your knees and pray to God, ask Jesus for his guidance and protection to take you through. Let Jesus know just how much you can bear, if the burdens are getting too hard for you, don’t be ashamed or afraid to call on Jesus name, for this is the only name that can save you from all of these turmoils and disasters that is affecting you in every way possible.  Once you began to know that Jesus loves and he cares for you, things will begin to change, simply because Jesus has the power to do “All” things, in his word, he says With Me You Can Do All Things, But Without Me,You Can Do Nothing. So until we all began to realize that unless we acknowledge Jesus in All of our ways, he will direct our paths and show us how to live. Believing in Jesus will solve our problems, wipe away our tears, help us to face a brighter tommorrow. We will get that super-natural strength from him.  He will strengthen us as we travel down life journey. Jesus will make our burdens lighter and will love us Always, even until the end.  We all have a friend in Jesus, so don’t worry, be happy knowing that we have Jesus alone.  Jesus will be here for us no matter what time, day or night, he will wipe the tears from your eyes and give you that peace of mind that you have been looking and craving for but can’t seemed to find.  It is right there with you. For Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust and believe in Jesus and see what he will do for you. He’ll take you through and make a brand new person out of you, me and everyone else who really do need him.  Remember: You Got A Friend In Jesus. Don’t Worry, everything is going to be alright because Jesus loves us “All”.


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