Learn To Respect Other People


There are many aspects to life whether we want to believe it or not.  Life can come

at us real fast and hard sometimes.  It can be like a mighty rushing wind or like a ticking

time bomb just waiting to explode at any given minute or time.  We must not let life torture us  or put us into a fear mode.  We must learn to put our trust and faith in God.

Also this topic is really about respecting other people,  no matter what you are going

through or life is carrying you through right now, do not get upset and angry at your

fellowman.  They are not responsible for your hardships and trials that you are being

confronted with.  There will be problems that you will have to face daily and for no given  reason or purpose you want no why you have been the one chosen to bear this

burden.  But just believe it, you have and you must do all you can in your power to adjust and find  a way to make it through this time of adjustment period that you are

being taken through.  Do not go to work being angry at your co-workers for the twists

and turns that life has forward or directed into your path.  They have nothing to do with it.  This is the hand that life had dealt you and you must find a way out.  By you getting

upset and saying terrible and ridiculous things to hurt other people’s feeling will not

 solve the problem or give you the answer.  Learn to listen to your inner-spirit and hear

whatt is being said to you.  Ask yourself how did this problem come about? Did you have

a lots to do with it? or you the cause of it, did you create this problem yourself?  If you had did or said something different perhaps you wouldn’t be faced with this dilema

that you are facing right now.  Learn how to love and respect people around you no matter what you are dealing with.  One thing for sure, if you learn how to be nice and

respectful even though you are going through some bitter and horrible moments in

yourr life then maybe the problem wil disappear and go a way from you.   God will be

merciful to you and release you from this tormenting spirit.  If your spirit is bright and

cheerful you will feel so much better and will be in a much better mood.  You will forget about all the ill-feelings that have been sent your way.  Things might even begin to change for you and then you can look back over your life and say God helped me get through this mess.  Never mistreat your family or friends, nor your relatives or anyone when you are faced with adversity.  Adversity comes into each of our lives daily.  If it is not one thing it will be something else to always nag and plague you.  But

you have got to learn how to handle the situation and deal with it.  Put on the whole

armour of God, ask God to take you through and God will.  Do not try to do it by yourself because it will only cause more heart-aches and pain.  You need divine intervention for

some of the things that occur in your life.  If you do not consult God you will make a wrong decision sometimes and the decision you make will sometimes be too high

of a price to pay.  That is why it is good to recollect your thoughts and behavior towards others.  Think about what you are going to say before you just blurt something evil and

cruel out of your mouth towards someone.  Words once spoken can not be returned.

This you should always keep in mind.  If you do, you will be a much better person for it.  Learn to think before you speak.  Ask yourself, Is this the right thing to say to this person.  Am I approaching this situation right, or can this matter be handled differently?  Always seek the pro’s and con’s before you began attacking someone without any cause.  Ask yourself am I right or wrong to say or do this?  What will the consequences

be if I decide to say or do this to this individual?  If I was this person, would I like it if he

or she said or did this to me?  Ask yourself all of these things before you go and hurt

someone without any reason whatsoever.  Learn to have respect for your fellowman   and other people’s feeling. Do not just think of yourself only.  Remember

to Do Unto Others As You Have Them To Do Unto You.  Love and you will receive it back.      


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