Attention All Of My Visitors:

Reference to my Books:  Contemporary Poetry and Obsessed With Raymond, How To Enjoy Life At Age 50, How To Overcome Adversity, Are You Your Child’s Role Model?, My Weird Parents By Shirley Long


I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog.  Now I have something I would like to share

with you all.  I have published 6 books on and would appreciate it if you would visit book website, look for author Shirley Long and view my ebooks that are available.  My Contemporary Poetry are poems

written about life’s circumstance which we as a people face everyday.  These poems will take

some of the readers back down memory lane.  They will remind you of past loves, or loves

that might have hurt you in the past, or the  loves that  respected you or made you really happy.

These poems will also make you smile, laugh and cry.  They will reflect on some of the

things that some of you might be experiencing in your lives right now.  Also there are

poems that I have written to inspire and uplift your hearts, bodies, minds, spirits and souls.

If you are going through a crisis in your life that you can’t seemed to handle these poems

will remind you of the love and protection of God.  You will find at least one poem in this

book that you can relate to and will enjoy reading every one of them. 


Obsessed With Raymond:short romance eBook #2 

This is a short, short story fiction book.  Karen obsession with Raymond has become overwhelming, she can’t seemed to think of noone but him. This obsession has become more of a nightmare to her and she is having a difficult time maintaining her composure. Karen will find herself reacting and behaving in a matter she never would have imagined. She is captivated by Raymond’s charm and good looks. He is defintely no good for her. Karen has to make an important decision, will it be Raymond who will control her destiny or will she finish college and achieve the job of her dreams and be a successful business woman which she desires to become?
How To OVercome Adversity is a good book to read if you are going thorough any type of problems that seemed to hard to bear. If you need some encouuragment and inspiration, this book will help uplift your spirits and inspire you to continue your journey here on this earth no matter what life has presented to you. It will tell you about praying to God and how prayer changes things. It will also give you an insight as to how I overcame one of the most terrible disasters that happened in my life. It will help you get through any type of adversity, losing a love one, a job, whatever it is that is troubling you, prayer can and will see you through.How To Enjoy Life At Age 50 is a fun and uplifting ebook to read also, it helps uplifts one’s spirits, tells the person who is 50 how to feel good at this age and not to feel like life is losing its’ luster because it isn’t. 50 is a wonderful age to be and life can really be fun and satisfying. This is a must read, you will enjoy it. My Weird Parents is about two children who has to endure the verbal and sometimes physical abuse of their two weird parents. They can’t understand why their parents are treating them this way. The oldest child Belinda keeps the faith began to pray and recieves a revelation from God and find the answer to help stop the abuse from her parents. This is a good book to read and it tells of how prayer and faith got both of them out of the situation they were in. Are You Your Child’s Role Model? this is an ebook which is interesting, and is asking all of us as parents are we our children role model and if not, why not? It explains what things we as parents should be asking our children about their role models. It is a good read also. Please feel free to visit my site and read my blogs.

I will continue to blog on this website and also continue to write my articles on

different topics.  You can enjoy allof these books by going to search for Shirley Long author

and purchasing them.  Thanks and enjoy reading them.  May You All have A Great Day!   







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