Merry Christmas Everyone

I would like to wish “Everyone” a Merry Christmas. This is the time of year to be full of joy and the love
of Jesus Christ. It is the time for the spirit of giving and caring. Christmas is a symbolic time of year especially
because it reminds us of the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is a wonderful and joyous time because we
can all think about Jesus birth and how his birth change the whole world. God sent his only begotton son, Jesus here to
be born on this earth to help intervene for us all. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. It is just delighteful
to know that there is still hope in this world and it is all because of Jesus. Jesus love and grace is the only thing
that keep our spirits and souls alive everyday.

Christmas time reminds us of nothing but love, joy, giving, sharing and caring. Let us all try to be mindful of all the
good things which Jesus has allowed to happen in our lives. We are truly blessed to be here to help give more blessings and love to others. Most importantly, let us all “Pray for the families who were affected by the shooting at the school. Let all of our love flow to them all. Pray that God have mercy on all those families and bless them to have the strength and peace
to carry on. With all of our love and Jesus love it is possible. If you are able to bring more happiness in someone’s life this christmas, please do it. It should make you feel good to see a smile on a child’s face, or anyone’s face. This
good deed that you do will help brighten up someone life. Spread the Cstmas love and cheer to everyone. Let them know
that someone care. Let that someone be you. Then perhaps, who knows, when you might be going through something in your life
and your spirits might need uplifting, there will be someone there to bring that same type of joy and love to you.

Christmas time should help us all to think about the birth and love of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is love,
so give love and you will receive it. Help make this christmas a very special time of year for everyone you can.
spread the love and joy throughout the world, tell everyone about the love and birth of Jesus.
Be Blessed Everyone and may You and your Families have a “Merry Christmas”.


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