“Happy New Year Everyone”


I would like to say “Happy New Year to All of you”.  I hope and pray that this is your best year ever.  I pray to God that All of your dreams come true and that life be good to all of you.  I hope this year will find each and everyone of you in good health and may you all have a peace of mind.  I hope that your life is fulfilled and enriched and that you find the right time to be more in tune to what you really want most for yourself and your loved ones.Be nice and kind to others, treat every man and woman as if they are your sister or brother.  Smile more often and frown less, thank God for all the love and grace he has bestowed upon us.  Learn to live and pray and in God learn to trust.  I also hope and pray that you and your families will live together in perfect love and peace with each other.  With this coming year I pray that you have the wealth you need in your lives to help make life more brighter, easier and happier for you all.  So to sum it all  up, I hope that we all ask God to help lead and guide us throughout the year and let his love bring us good cheer.   May there be peace all over the world, and that the wars will cease.  That every man can live together on this earth in God’s perfect love and peace. and Again “Happy New Year Everyone”.


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