You Are Someone Special

Life can be a rocky journey sometimes.  We never really know what is going to happen next. We just have to live and let live.  Just keep your faith in God and he will lead and guide you into the right direction.  We sometimes get a little off course in seeking our dreams and goals in life.  We find ourselves sometimes wanting the impossible instead of thinking the possible.  It seems as though sometimes life is unfair, which is not true if we all look at life on a realistic point of view.  Everyone was created on this earth for a particular reason and purpose.  That purpose has to be served here on this earth whether we like it or not.  The main thing to do is focus on that purpose, do what God put  each of us here to do and make the very best of your journey here on earth.  Each individual has his or her own unique personality.  Do not go around getting angry with your sister or brother maybe because they might be more knowledgeable about a particular subject matter.  It is just that they were meant to know more about this particular subject because this is what God wanted them to focus upon so that he or she can make a difference in this world.  So go for it if you are good in science and know a lots about different aspects of the human mind, body, spirit and soul then this is great. What would this world be like without good Scientist?  We would be in a mess, they are the ones who help make the discoveries which is beneficial to us all.  They discover different types of medicines we need for our bodies to help make us well or to cure diseases, so we should all be giving these people a great big round of applaud.  They help save lives! How marvelous and wonderful to have these kind of people in our world.  If we could just sometimes sit and think about what an important role everyone plays in our society this would be a much better world,  We all would have a lots to thank God for.  Our society has come a long ways.  It yet has even greater discoveries to be made and the good thing about it, is that it might be your son or daughter who will be the one to invent or discover something really great in this world.  We all play an important role in this world, I dont care if it is sweeping the streets, they are the ones who help keep our neighborhoods looking great, who else would do it for us? So these people deserve a  great big round of applaud.  There are so many catagories that could be named here until it is so incredible to see how many great people God created on this earth to really make a difference in our lives.  So to each and everyone of you, remember you are somebody special no matter what anyone else tells you and you do make a difference in this world.  What would the big companies do without all of their Clerical workers, Tellers, Accountants, Secretaries, etc, they couldn’t operate by themselves, remember “People” make the world what it is”.  One person can not do it by him or herself.  Remember someone had to pass the knowledge on to them and they in return passed it on to someone else.  Remember knowledge is giving and sharing, helping each other to succeed in their endeavors.   It will benefit everyone tohelp each individual who is trying to make a difference in this world.  This will onlymake the world a much more better place to live and will produce a better society.  To each of you remember “You Are Someone Important To God” and “You Do Make A Difference In This World.  I would like to thank “Everyone in this world who has made a difference in all of our lives and who is still trying to make a difference so that the world can be a much better place for us all to live.  Stay focus, and learn to live and enjoy life the way God meant for it to be. Everyone have a Great Day.






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