“Wintertime Is Here”

This is a cold season, it is the time of year we consider Wintertime.  It is naturally cold and is the time of year we all love to cuddle up with our love ones and stay at home, just kick back and relax.  Some of us love this time of year because it enables most of us to take time to settle down for awhile.  Stop all the hustle and bustle that we are normally used to doing.  Going so fast, never just taking the time to relax and sit down with your family to enjoy the moment.  Have a good dinner, like good old chili beans, or maybe a good hot soup to help warm the heart.  There is nothing like some good food to eat during the wintertime.  It seems as though we want to eat more this time of year also.  We want to bake our homemade pound cakes, coconut cakes, chocolatee cakes,  you name them, they all sound so good and delicious, mouth watering to the taste buds.  The only thing is that we do have a tendacy to gain some extra weight during this time of year if we do not watch our diet.  We can eat but in moderation.  I know it is sometimes hard to do because it is hard for me to do, especially when I have a taste for good moist red velvet cake.  Oh just the thought of it, with a good ole cup of coffee.  I feel like I am in heaven. (smile).  It is a blessing when we can enjoy these delicious foods with our family and love ones.  Good food is good for your heart, body, mind, spirit and soul.  It helps motivates you and put you in a much better mood.  The wintertime makes happy souls because people seemed to be in a more happier mood ,they aren’t as tense, seemed like they are more relaxed and get along with each other better.  Wintertime is good for making good hot passionate love-making.  It makes you and your mate or lover want to cuddle up in bed and be there with each other for awhile, if you know what I mean.  Also during the wintertime, the weather will cause more people to stay at home because of the snow storms, no one want to be outside traveling in weather like this.  There is nothing no matter than for the family to get together and watch their favorite movies, go to their exercise room and exercise together.  Also bake cookies, cakes and just have some great fun together, wintertime helps bring back the harmony in families and relationships.  During this season of the year, a lots of people get engaged, and that is wonderful.  Also during the wintertimes plenty of babies are being conceived into this world because people are busy making loveto  each other, then nine months later, here comes that bundle of love and joy, (Smile).  A new edition to the family, “A Baby”.  Life and wintertime is so great.  Now i have discussed all the good things about wintertime, it is time to get to the drawbacks that wintertime can bring also.

We have to take better care of ourselves during the wintertime, dress according tothe weather.  If we all do this, then a lots of illness and sickness, especially colds and flu can be prevented.  Remember to bundle up, wear your coats and boots.  This is the time of year to really “Dress”.  You want feel so hot and muggy.  You can always take off your coat when you want to settle down wherever you are at.  Also remeber to drink plenty of orange juice and take vitamin C .  if your Doctor say it is okay.  Always remember to consult your Doctor before taking any type of medication. He know what is best for you.  If you can, drink plenty of teas, especially lemon honey tea.  This is a good tea because it helps clear the lungs and help stop the coughing and brings out the impurities in your blood stream.  I always drink it during the wintertime because  I am bothered with sinus a lots, this tea helps to clear up the infection and I can breathe more freerer.  Green tea is good to drink to because it helps purify the bloodstream and helps stimulates your body immunse system,  helping to fight off some infections that otherwise might cause us to be ill.  Green tea can be bought at most of your local department stores but for sure at your Health Food Stores.  Remember, you can help keep your body strong yourself by during the right things during the wintertime.  You might get a cold but it want last as long and want make you so sick until you have to go to the hospital .  if you do some things to prevent it from getting this bad.  Learn to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids during this time of year.  It will help you and you will feel better all winter long,  just do the things to protect yourself and your love ones.  Keep your house or apartment, or wherever your home might be “Warm and Cozy”.  Maky sure there is enough heat circulating throughout the house to  keep everyone in your family warm.  Avoid drafts in your home, if there is any, fix them so the heat can stay in.  This will keep you and your family healthy and well during the wintertime.  So remember just do the things that need to be done to protect you and your family against the elements, stay indoors do not go outside outless necessary or only if your job requires you to be outside during the winter.  Stay indoors and keep warm, it is only a few months and before you know it “springtime” will be here again.  But until then, let us “All” enjoy the “Wintertime” and Let the good times roll.  One more thing, don’t forget to invite your family and friends over and have your little brunches and dance, also listen to some good music and have fun. You don’t have to be bored because it is wintertime, you still can have a good time right there at home with your family and friends, partying and laughing, talking about good times, good people and good things.  That is what we all should be doing and thanking God for blessing us All to be here.  “Have a Great Wintertime and Enjoy!         



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