“Springtime Is A Wonderful Time Of Year”

“Springtime Is A Wonderul Time Of Year”Hello Everyone,Springtime is here and it is such a wonderful time of year.  The atmosphere is filled with so many different works of nature.  The flowers are blooming so beautiful in most of our flower gardens. They look so amazing  with so many different colors which is fantastic.  The look of love is everywhere.  You can feel the fresh scent of Spring in the air.  It is obvious that God meant for this season to be a renewing or as one might say, an awakening of the spirit.  Everything seems to come into bloom during this particular time of year. The leaves on the trees seems to get more greener and fuller.  You can see the beautiful dog wood trails trees along the streets in some of our neighborhoods and they look so good.  Trees are a wonderful masterpiece from God to man. They are especially beautiful during the Springtime.  The rose bushes are budding and smells so wonderful, they have one of the most sweet savory smelling scent and is pleasant to look at. All of this is nature and love from God put here for mankind to enjoy.  Springtime brings out the best in some of us.  It seems as though this is the time of year some  people want to begin to start moving about more, it is just something in the air that has a sort of magical beam to it.  Springtime has its ups and downs.  The ups is all of the above in addition, to it makes you want to travel more and to be on the outside more than usual.  Some can’t help but want to get outside of their houses and go outdoors to breathe a breath of fresh air.  It is healthy for us to be able to enjoy this time of year.  To some it evens makes them feel better inside.  Instead of being depressed and blue, it puts them in a good mood.  Some want to wear bright beautiful colors, their mood swing seems to perk up more and they begin to smile more than often and seems to be more sociable.  Now this is what Springtime does for some people.  They just love this time of year.  It gives them the opportnity to get in their yards and plant those beautiful flowers and roses which help make their yard and neighborhood look so much etter and beautiful.  Some people have even won beautification awards for the flowers grown in their yards from their neighborhood association group.  This is enough to make anyone feel proud to know that they are helping to make their community more beautiful.  Now here are the drawbacks to some of us who suffer from sinus and allergies during this time of year take care not to be outside too much when the pollen is in the air.  Those of us who>suffer from these symptons can still enjoy the beauty of Springtime and enjoy it like everyone else by being careful not to hang out to long while the pollen is so prevelent.  We can also take pictures of the beautiful gardens, the rose budding, and the beautiful skies and scenery that all this is a wonderful time of year.  Hang out with your family and friends and enjoy the beautiful weather, it is not too cold, nor is it too hot, is just right.  So Enjoy life and be happy! 


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