Let Your Mind Be Free

We should try to forget about things that has caused our bodies, minds, spirits and souls tremendous stress and strain.  We need to release all the unnecessary complications and mind boggling situations that affects us this way.  It has only caused our minds to be stagnated and filled with bitter sweet toxins of things and events that has effected us in the past or still now in the presence.  We need to replenish ourselves by allowing our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls to be free from all the misfortune and mishaps that life has made transpire  into our dailey lives.  We have the right to think and feel good.  

I believe deep in my soul, that God wants us all to be happy and live a prosperous life.  Look around us everyday and just witness of all his grace and mercy.  This within itself will make us want to Let Our Minds Be Free, to enjoy all the goodness and wonders of the universe that God has given to man as a gift and blessing.   There are some things in our lives that we need to forget about, pray about it, ask God and whoever it was that you offeneded or did something to hurt in the past,  to forgive you and carry on.  

Let Your Mind Be Free, free to breathe Gods’ freash air everyday and just inhale and exhale until you feel so good just to be alive.  This is wonderful aroma surrounding your every beings.  The air is a reminder that God is there with you, allowing you the opportunity to be able to breathe and live, yes live life to it’s fullest.  Make everyday a “Great Day”, from the moment you arise and awaken to the dawn’s early light, say “Thank you Jesus” for blessing me to be able to live to see another beautiful day.  This is truly a blessing, that is why you should Let Your Mind Be Free.  Let your mind be free to enjoy and love all the life and wonders that God and the universe has bestowed upon you dailey.  There are so much enlightment around us, just take the time out of your busy day to look up at the sky,  Observe the clouds, look at the stars at night, look at all the beautiful nature around you everyday.   The birds fying in the sky, the beautiful trees, pretty houses, oceans, lakes, all of nature is beautiful, this is enough for us all to just relax and let our minds be free, until next time, Be Blessed and Have A Great Day.   


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