Dancing Is A Good Form Of Exercise

You will feel so much better if you are feeling a little blue about something.  Put on a good dancing record,one you just love and just dance, dance, dance.  You don’t need to have to have a dancing partner, just you by yourself.  You will began to feel a renewed spirit began to embark upon your soul. Your inner spirit will began to feel refreshed and more vibrant as if something fantastic has just come over you or happened to you in just this instance.  It will be a tremendous amount of energy that has embedded itself within your inner beings.  You will began to think differently.  It will be as if it is just you and the moment.  Your mind and spirit will began to feel the music and your body will take on it’s rhythm and began to make those movements, no matter how strange those body movements might appear to be, you will just love what it is doing to you and for you.  The movements will be taking you into a world of your own.  A world where you are just feeling the beat, the sound, and everything the music is relating to you.  You will want to just stay there in that moment and time and just dance, dance, dance.  You might even develop some new dance steps while you are in this trance of dancing.  It is like the sound of the music has you hynotized and you are only listening to the beat of the music and doing exactly what the music instructs or demands you to do.  You will be begin to feel like it is just you and the music and your dance.  This is a magical momemet.  A time and place that no one can enter but you and your music for right now.  After the song has stopped and your dancing stop, your whole body will feel renewed, rekindled, alive, and just so full of life, good music and dancing is two elements that can really set your soul on fire.  I recommend if your health allows you, to get on the floor and just dance, dance, dance, you will feel so much better. Have A Great Dance.


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