How To Enjoy Life Even When You Are Feeling Blue

There are days when I feel like staying in bed and not being bothered with noone.  Even though I had a job to report to, responsibilities that I had to manage. If any of you reading this article now has faced this type of situation or had gone through the same old cyle I have, well all I can say is you understand and can relate to what I am talking about here.Then there will be something inside of me, that is greater than this weak force which want to make me feel helpless and just lie there in my bed and think about all the horrible or misersable things that have happened to me the day before or even in my life period,  which tries it best to make me feel more and more bluer than ever before and then eventually began to feel sorry for myself.  That is the time, I began to look out of my window and just gaze at God’s beautiful day and began to say “Thank you God” for blessing me to live to see another beautiful day,  Then I remember the passage from the bible, today is the day the Lord  has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Right then and there, my mind began to rejuevnate and I began to realize, hey, God is good, he has blessed me to live to see this day, get up out of this bed and live your life.  Don’t allow these horrible and irritating feelings destroy your beings and the life that God want you to enjoy.  Yes, you might have problems, now >and in the past but what can you do do about them?  Nothing but pray and put them in God’s hand because God said in his word, that “With me ye can Do All Things, but Without Me, Ye can do Nothing”.  I can’t solve these problems by myself, so that inner peace that God is giving me now makes me want to get up out of that bed and get ready to face the day. I realize now, that I have prayed about my situation and put it in God’s hands, that everything is going to be alright. God don’t want me feeling like I am defeated and there is no way out because it is, if I only believe.  God has already promised in his word that “if I Pray And Believe, I Shall Receive”.  Now it is up to me to have that faith to know that God loves me and will continute to sustain and maintain my needs.  All I have to do is let go and let God do it.  Now since I began to meditate on Jesus and know that he is my savior, I began to feel better and get out of that bed, then I am ready to face the world and everything else that I will be confronted with that day because God is going to handle the day for me. This feeling is good and my faith is awakened and I began to feel oh so brand new because I know God is Real because I can feel him in my soul.  My spirit, mind, body and soul began to feel so much better.  It seems as though I got renewed strength from God above, my thoughts are now in the right direction, therefore making it possible for me to achieve my goals and take on my responsibilities the way I should with peace, strength, and unity, and above all Love from God.I firmly believe that if anyone feeling like there is no way out of a situation, just take a little time to pray to God about it. God will work it out and lead and guide you into what direction to take, if you just be patience and wait.  Sometimes things might not come when you want them but God has a time and place for them to manifest.  God is “Too Perfect To make a mistake.”  Always remember, that God love us no matter what it is that might be hindering you from believing these words, Sometimes life and the things and bad circumstances in life can make us doubt him but please donot, keep the faith, be strong and know that there is someone who cares and that someone is “Jesus”.  Jesus will be with you until the end.  Remember that God so “Loved the world that he gave his only begotton son, which is Jesus”.  Now just that statement along, makes me feel so good inside,  remember, everyone God created all of us for a reason.  Our being on this earth is no mistate, it is a reason. We all were born for a reason and eventually, if we just keep living and giving to help someone else along the way, our true vision and the revelation why we are here will manifest itself into each of our lives.  So to sum this article up, I want to say to everyone who reads it, be blessed, count your blessing and thank God everytday for your being here and your family, and continue to pray.  Be Blessed.


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