“Merry Christmas Everyone”


Merry Christmas Everyone.  I hope and pray that today is filled with

nothing but lots of love, joy and happiness for everyone.  This

is such an important day to be thanking God for

his precious son Jesus.  Also the way in which Jesus

sacrificed his life for all of us on that cross that day.  Yes,

today is Christ Birthday.  A day to celebrate, to give praise and

worship to Jesus, God’s only begotten son.  Praise him for

 all the good he has and is still doing for us.  Thank God for

being able to celebrate in this wonderful festival for his wonderful son Jesus.

There will be children whose hearts and souls will be filled with

much love and grace today, especially when they open the beautiful

presents which has been given to them.  They too, will experience this

wonderful feeling of someone loving them, treating them real special,

doing something nice and wonderful for them.  Giving them all those

lovely gifts.  Their hearts will be filled with so much joy and laughter

when they unwrap their gifts and their eyes will be filled with

so much gleam and joy to have that precious little toy,

Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends exchanging

those lovely gifts.  Boy, what a thrill! You open that present

and it be what you really want, it just make you feel so good.

Just the thought of the one you love thinking of you in such

a special way and showing it today in their own pleasing

and surprising way.  So to Everyone today may

you all be blessed and may your day be filled

with the love, joy and peace of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Be Blessed and Have A Merry Christmas Everyone.

Live, Love, And Be At Peace With Each Other.



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