Enjoying Life At Any Age

   Hello World,

I pray and hope that when you read this article everything is going great in each of your lives.  I just felt blessed and wanted to share some of my wonderful feelings with the world.  The age stigma that bothers some of us can be a harsh reality to some.  But to me, age is like it is a number.  We must keep in mind, that each year we are aging and a new number is added to our equation as far as age goes.  We move forward to another age bracket whether we like it or not.  If God bless us to live to see another birth year   It is a wonderful thing.   If we all could feel happy and vibrant when our birthday comes around.  There are some  people in this world who really dreads when another year has somehow managed to creep upon them.  Maybe if might be that they are suffering from a serious illness or disease that is effecting their well-being and might be in so much pain and suffering that to them,  birthdays doesn’t really matter.  Those are the people in the world my heart and prayers go out to.  I wish it was some way I could just reach out and touch some of them and pray the prayer of faith, that God would touch and heal their bodies, But I do want all of you who are sick and feeling this way, to know that you are not alone. God is still on the throne.  He will take care of you.  Just put your faith and trust in God.  Always remember that prayer changes things.  Yes, It does! I am a witness to this.   Prayer has changed so many conflicting and complicated situations in my life.  I just thank God right now.  Believe in God, continue to pray for healing and eventually you will be healed,  If you pray and believe, you will receive.  Mean it from your heart and believe it with all your heart and watch what God will do.  There is nothing impossible for God.    To some it is a truly blessing to live to see another birthday.  They are so happy that God has allowed them to live to reach this age.  Especially if they are still in their right minds, have good health, and still have the use of their limbs.  This is an extraordinary blessing.  However, whatever has occured during the years if you are still breathing and alive and can do majority of your dailey chores it is truly a blessing from God.  Just remember to always thank God for whatever he has done for you and things will eventually begin to get even better.  I have experienced this from a personal point of view.  The more I gave God praise and honor, being grateful for the blessing I’ve already received, the more happier I became.  When I speak of more, it is not necessarily meaning in material wealth.  I mean in spirituall well-being.  Having a peace of mind means more than anything in the world to “me”.  If you can live with yourself, and like what you do and how you treat and interact with other people. that means a lots.  If you can say within yourself, that you have not mis-treated someone for apparent no reason at all, or because you just felt like it, but instead gave that individual the same type of respect that you would desire someone to give you.  This means a lots, there is where you began to gain momentum in your dailey life.  Life becomes so much sweeter and better.  Your characteristics will reflect on your interaction with others, whether it be good or bad.So therefore, let us all try to get along and love each other, be thankful for what we have.  No matter how young or old we are,  we all have a lots to thank God for.  Be Blessed.  I hope I have inspired someone to carry on and be strong today.


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