How Music Can Be Affective In our Llives

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is the Author’s opinion and does not reflect on any of it’s readers. If you need medical attention, always seek the advice of a Doctor or your Therapy. The Author have tried these methods and want to share with others. So Enjoy and be Blessed.

Life can be so frustrating at times. Sometimes you will find yourself wondering what is my purpose on this
earth or what was I put here to do on this universe? All these questions will ponder your mind. You will begin to feel like you are lost amongst a group of strangers and really don’t know which direction to turn to.
I must remind you, these feelings or emotions are okay. We all have different types of reactions to things that happen in our lives on a daily basis that seemed to be unfamiliar or peculiar and have no explanation as to why.

This is the time I have just got to hang on in here. I Don’t get dismayed and feel like the whole world is
some strange planet where I definitely don’t belong. The mind can really play tricks sometimes.
But just don’t let it. Keep remembering that we are All God’s children and God knows what is best for us
and have a purpose for each one of us on this universe.

Simply start thinking about all the different gifts and talents that God has given to each of us. This is just
amazing. The reason being is because with each gift comes some type of consolation. I get great consolation
when I hear someone sing a song on the radio that might be reflecting on the things that I might be dealing
with at the time. The singer sings the words so lovely and serene until it will make me feel like this song
is dedicated to me only. I will began to relate to what the singer is singing about and how it is describing my life story at this very moment. This is like therapy to my heart. body, mind, spirit and soul. Good music helps me relax and puts my mind in a different atmosphere.

Music is really, really good for the soul. It consulates my spirit in so many ways. My spirit will began to come alive and be more vibrant. I will began to feel a sparkle or a renewing in my mind and spirit. Some Music will make me get out of that lazy or sad mood and give me more energy. Especially if the music has a bad beat to it, I can’t help but want to get up and move. It is good to exercise by dancing to music. My whole body feel refresh and alive. Music brings joy and spikes up my mood. If I am listening to one of my favorite artists, it can really be fascinating and fun.

Then there are types of music that is just made to relax and chill. This is the type of music that is good to
listen to if I want to ease my troubling mind. Put on one of my favorite cd and just prop up my feet and relax. Just let my mind be free, free of all my troubles, worries, frustrations, anxieties, that have bogged my mind. Loosen up and let the mellow feeling flow through my heart, body, mind, spirit and soul.
This type of music is good therapy also. It can do wonders for my mind. Especially if I am able to drink a good glass of wine and be happy. Think of all the good things that I have done or is going to do. Also of how good God has been to me regardless to my short-comings. Don’t let life get me down.
Just keep my spirits up and believe that I can and will accomplish what I have set my mind and heart
too. Have faith and believe God is able.

Remember, music is a vital part of our lives also. Without the sound of good music what would we do?
The world will be a much different place than what it is now. Music have really done wonders for many
people lives. It has even caused SOME relationships to be mended and some couples to reunite. A particular song has brought back memories and made some people analyze their problems again. Oftentimes, couples might find themselves wanting to be together instead of departing. Who knows, music is magic and it does some mysterious things to us at times. It’s all according to how you are feeling and the things you are going through as to how it really affects you and me. So until next time. enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy! Don’t forget to listen to some good Music today.


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