“Happy Veterans Day”

I would just like to take time out to wish All of our many veterans “A Happy Veterans Day”
and to let you all know how much I Love and appreciate what each of you have done for this
Great Country of ours called “The United States Of America”. I truly want to say Thank You
to each Veteran for All the Love and Support that you have shown.

If it wasn’t for our America’s Finest, “Veterans” Where would we be? This is a good question.
They are the brave men and women who have shown great courage to risk their lives just to protect
this land that they so greatly loved called The United States Of America. (I give you All A Standing
Ovation and A Great Big Round Of Applaud!) “You All Deserve It”.

There shouldn’t Be Nothing Too Good for Anyone of you here in your homeland. You All deserve All
the love, Respect, and Admiration that Each Veteran have earned . All I can say is Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You, And You are Loved by All of us Who Love Our Country.

I pray God be with All of you Always. Have A Great Veterans Day and Do What Makes You Happy!
You All Deserve It. “God Please Continue To Bless America”, And Happy Veteran Day!


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