How To Stay Happy During The Holiday Season

The Holidays is fast approaching and some of us can’t wait to celebrate and have fun with our family and friends.
It is something about the holidays that put some people in a different mood. For some, they can’t wait to go shopping
for those gifts for their love ones. Preparing those delicious meals to eat. All of these activities brings out the best in majority of us.
This is something we all enjoy doing and love making love ones, families, friends, relatives happy. It is so good seeing the smiles on
someone face when they open a gift and really love it. It makes you feel good inside also knowing you have shared love with someone and made
them feel great inside.

It is really hard for anyone to resist those fantastic meals being prepared during this time. To some, this about the only
time they really have the opportunity to really sit down with family, friends and eat a good wholesome meal filled with all the
festive toppings. The turkey, dressing, green beans, turnip or collard greens, salads, rolls, ham, Macaroni and cheese, bar-b-cue,
shrimp, lobsters, beef roast, steaks, just to name majority of the food items that will be served on the dinner table this Christmas.

Whatever you decide to serve, I wish you all the greatest and best holiday season yet! Don’t let anyone steal your joy this holiday season.
Remember, no matter what circumstances you might be confronting right now, good or bad, it is all in God’s hand. Don’t forget to pray and
ask God to give you the strength to carry on and be happy. God will take care of you. Just believe this statement and you will have a
Happy Holiday season. God want you to be Happy and Blessed.

The main thing is to count your blessings. Name them one by one. God is good All the times. He will never let you down. If you feel yourself
getting depressed or lonely, get on your knees or pray wherever you might be sitting on the bed, couch, in the kitchen cooking, just ask God to
take you through. Let your higher source know You Need Him. You can’t make it by yourself. Prayer Do Changes Things. If you do this, you
will see a wonderful change come about. But you have got to mean this prayer from the sincerity of your heart. You must know that Your Creator,
The God who Created You, Loves You and See what you are going through.

If you are sick and feel you can’t get well, yes you can with God’s help. Cry out, ask God to Have Mercy on Your Soul And Touch And Heal
Your Body. If You Believe this from the Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit, And Soul, God Will Heal Your Body. Is There Anything TO Hard For God?
NO, No, No. God Can Do What No Other Power, This is A Holy Ghost Power Can Do. Believe it, Receive it, and You will be Healed. Remember, it
applies only to Those Who Believe With “All of their heart”,

Don’t feel bad if you have no one to call your own, like a love or a mate. It is plenty of people in this big world who will have no love to
call their own. If you get into that loving mood of giving, something miraculous happens. That lonely feeling will eventually began to diminish.
You might not realize it, God Might want you to stand still and know that He Is God. God might be trying to tell you something. I know I had
to take heed and just stand. Sometimes, you and God is all there will be, You might have other family members but you are just not feeling the
love from them the way you feel it should be. Don’t fret, just keep your connection to God by Praying. Make someone else happy this season.

Instead of you dwelling on being alone during the holidays with a love. Give love to someone who really need it. Go find a child to buy a gift
for if you can afford it. This will make you feel much better. You want have time to dwell on your own lonley feeling. You will be thinking
about someone else. That child will be so happy and full of love for you, You will put a smile on that child face. When you do this, it will
take that lonesome feeling away from you. Your emotions will began to pep up, you will feel more alive because you are living and loving.

So find something good and amazing to do for some elderly relative or neighbor. Then notice the beam in their eyes. You will have brighten up
their lives and when you do, God will began to liven up yours! It is more blessed to give than it is to receive. Often times. God works in mysterious ways but have wonders to perform. If you are without a love this time of year, don’t fret, love your families, show them gratitude.
It might be a good idea to help prepare the family meal. Go over and wrap gifts with families and friends. Mingle with your families, go to
the social parties, have a good time. Don’t sit around the house or apartment feeling sad and lonely. There are too many good things to be involved in and also loving and helping making other happy is when you really come out victoriously. Who knows, the next time the holiday comes
around, you might have the Love Of Your Life.

Therefore, I wish you all a wonderful and joyous Happy holidays and be warm. Stay friendly and nice. Be kind to people. Love everybody.
Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. And don’t forget to be Thankful to God for allowing you to be able to do all these things.
Most important of all, Love God and Pray. May your life be filled with the grace and peace of God. I wish Everyone True Happiness during this wonderful Holiday Season. Peace and Be Blessed.



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