It’s Summertime

Hello Everyone,

It is summertime and let the fun begin!  The time of season where all of our delicious fruits and vegetables are grown.  I can’t wait to eat some of those good ole Georgia peaches, sweet tasty water-melon, they are so good.  Also the strawberries, tomatoes, okra, peas, greens, especially turnips and collards, they are my favorite.  Mustard greens, spinach, cabbage and cauli-flower are great too.  Asparagus and egg plants are so tasty not to mention the squash.  And that good ole sweet corn on the cob. Not to mention the many other fruits and vegetables that most of us love to eat and enjoy.

We have a lots to be grateful for.  I thank God everyday for all these bountiful blessings.They are so tasty and mouth-watering. The fruits and vegetables are just only one reason to be happy it’s summertime.  It is the hot muggy weather that is also enjoyable at times.  Especially if you have a swimming pool in the back yard to dive into.

That summer heat begin to get the best of you.  But there are some states have community centers which offer swimming lessons for children and adults.  This is a good thing because it helps those ,who otherwise don’t have access to a pool, to  be able to dive into that cooling water and learn how to swim.

This is the time of year majority of families have their family-reunions.  They all get together to have fun bar-b-cuing, communicating with those they haven’t seemed in a long time.  Discussing what each other is doing or is venturing into for the future.  Getting to know each other better.   I think this is wonderful.  Nothing but love, sweet love between family members.  It give those who might have disagreements or conflicts with other family members, the opportunity to amend those affairs.  And try to eliminate the problem and come to some kind of reasonable conclusion.

It’s a time to be lazy and just lie down on the beaches and enjoy yourselves.  Be merry and read a good book just to let your mind be free.  Yes, it is a good season.   I pray and hope everyone enjoy their summer with love ones, families and friends.

Be Blessed and Happy Summertime  To Everyone!


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