Happy Thanksgiving

“Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”.  This is a good time of year.   A great time to spend time with family and friends eating good turkey and dressing, turnip or collard greens, cabbages, fruit salads, carrot salad, potatoe salad, macaronic and cheese,  dressing, cakes, potatoe pies, ham, and all the good food items that are not mentioned.  Yes, it’s that delicious time of year, filled with the aroma of good smelling food in the air.  It’s savory aroma filtering everywhere.  Laugher  and joy in the air.  People having fun everywhere.  Dancing and listening to good music.  Drinking and siping  on some fine wine or whatever kind of beverage that satisfies the taste-buds.  Young people getting together partying and having a fantastic time.  The old school jamming also and listening to some down home blues, dancing and doing their thing.  These are the countless blessing we all have to be thankful for.  We can be thankful everyday for all the many blessings.  Thankful for you, your family, and all the good things that goes along with it.  “God is Good All The Times” “Have A Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Day” And Do What Makes You Happy, Love, Live and Be Blessed.


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