Let The Love In You Shine

Let The Love In You Shine

Some of us have those times and days in our life where we don’t feel like being harassed or bothered by anyone.  But we all know that is impossible to do.   We have jobs and  have to communicate daily, mates, children,  family members, loves,  friends, associates, etc. Therefore, we must all try to be careful how we portray our moods .Our moods can be that of anger, bitterness, hurt, sad, depressed, over-whelmed, excited, anxious, doubtful, boastful, scared, tired,  sleepy, moody, strange, weird, nice, kind, bad, moody, evil, good, and the list can go on and on.  So let’s try to convert these  negative attitudes into positive ones.  Wake up and be thankful.  If we just look in the mirror  and say I am blessed to be here today.  I will make the best out of this day . I don’t care what my negative feeling is trying to persuade me to do or say, I will not do it.  I am going to be “Happy and full of life and love regardless.  I am here to help make my day and somebody else day better.  I refuse to be all those things listed above and I  will be love today and everyday.  I will get into a loving mood no matter what I don’t have,  can’t get, it will not control my life.  I am blessed and alive, I will live to give.  And that is to give and show love to those around me who need it the most.   Someone might be hurting but your kind words and deeds could help heal their pain.  Be nice and kind and show some love.  Be Blessed and Peace to You All.


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