Keep The Faith

There are going to be days when it appears as if everything you
touch turn to mush. Don’t give up and get discouraged. The thing
to do is continue to have faith. Believe that things are going to
get better, they simply cannot get any worse than that which you are
experiencing right now.

Please try not to forget that we are not “perfect”. We are all born human beings.This is how God created us to be. But remember, we all have our own unique personality and no one else on this planet earth can steal it, possess it, or control it. It belongs to you only. It is up to us to make the best
out of it. God doesn’t make a mistake. This we should keep in our memory.

Whenever it seems as if every turn around, there is something occurring in
your life to turn your world upside down. Just sit back and relax. Give
yourself time to think about what it is that perhaps you are doing that isn’t
beneficial to your life-style. We all make mistakes. “To err is human”.

This is a phase we must all remember. If life seems to be opposing and
working against your desires and goals, settle down and take time to reunite
with your Creator God. Let God handle it for you, this is when the burden
is too heavy for us. All I can recommend is Prayer. Prayer do changes things.

I have noticed myself personally, that whenever I get over-whelmed with some
of the adversities that come into my life and I don’t know what decision to make. I calm down and relax and meditate on Jesus. I know Jesus can work it
out. I whisper a prayer and hope and pray, this is where the faith come in
that God will guide or instruct me in my endeavors and I will find a solution
to my problem.

There is one thing we must keep in mind, that is to be patient. God will be there for you but you must have patient and wait on the Lord. Don’t be anxious for anything. So when life and it’s problems seems to depress you and make you feel sad, get out of that mood real fast. Perhaps listening to a good old fashion gospel record, will help relieve some of the pressure and stress that you are experiencing. Let meditation and prayer to God help you find an answer.

The most important thing to remember is not to let this problem take over your
life or you. Give it to a source higher than you, and see the amazing results. Have A Great Day or Night and God Bless.


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