Express Yourself In A Respectful Manner:


This article is not trying to force anyone to do or say anything they don’t want to. It is written to help explain a simple technique. Some might already know this information and that is fine. But to those who might be having trouble relating or expressing themselves to others in the proper way, it has been written to assist you. This is the author opinion and is not meant to be imposed on anyone. It is written for entertainment purposes only.

Expressing ourselves can sometimes becomes very complicated and confusing
for some. To others it can be gratifying because they can respond to the
question asked of them properly. They don’t have to ponder or guess about
what is appropriate for them to say. The answer automatically is revealed
and they don’t hesitate to respond in a timely manner without having to think
about what it is they are trying to imply or make known to the person requesting the information from them. Try your best to be honest and the truth will be revealed. It want take long to think about it because you are
being truthfully and not trying to hide facts.

This is really tricky sometimes. An answer that is not answered properly can
be misleading and oftentimes leads to confusion and misunderstanding to the one who is seeking the information. We should try to be as pacific and accurate as we can be when asked a question. Give the correct information.
Don’t get off course when answering a question. Get straight to the point.
If someone ask you a question like this for instance:

How Are You Feeling Today?
Incorrect answer would be: I would be feeling great if I could make more money or get the promotion I want on my job.
The person doesn’t need to know about your personal problem. He only want to know how you are feeling.

Correct answer should be in this case: I am feeling lousy today.
then if the person asking the question want to go into further details as to
why you are feeling lousy, that is when you go into details or give him or her
the reason.
Correct if giving the reason: I am feeling lousy today because I want a promotion but have a slim chance of getting one. Or you might say,
I need a raise and my boss will not give it to me.

Correct Answers: I am feeling fine, I am feeling great, or I feel fantastic,
I feel good, happy, excited, awesome, fabulous, spectacular, etc.
or if you are not feeling that great, let it be known in an accurate manner. For instance, I am not feeling well today, I feel faint, I feel ill,
I feel sad, or I feel lousy. These are just some of the
examples of ways to express yourself in a proper manner without confusing
the person who asked the question by going all around what was asked and
getting into a whole new arena of your life-story. Try your best to be specific and everything will work out better and the conversation will go
smoothly for you.

Expressing ourselves is so important in every aspect of our life.
That is including dealing with family, friends, relatives, associates,
co-workers, spouses, etc. We must try to be honest in communicating with
everyone. Being honest and specific and precise about something will
make you feel better, We should try to be honest but polite and kind and
respectful when replying or answering questions that are being asked.

The inappropriate way to express yourself when a person asks you a question and you answer them in a mean, unkind and rude way. This will get you no where. You will forever be filled with rage and anger inside of you until you
let go of this type of attitude. This is damaging to your health and well-being. It is so easy to answer a question in a nice respectful way.

Incorrect way to answer this question.

How are you feeling today?

“What is it to you? There is nothing you can do to make me feel better
unless you got some money to give me to help pay these bills.

Correct Answer: Is “I am not feeling that great.
Then the person asking the question might ask you why and the most
appropriate answer would be.

I am not feeling great because I am behind on paying my bills and don’t see no way to pay them.

If the person asking the question can help or might be concerned, would probably offer to assist you if your attitude is right, and you are not
rude. Or might prefer you to some other sources that might be able to
help assist you in paying your bills.

Remember people, attitudes and the way we express ourselves can sometimes
“Make or Break us”. So let us all try to express ourselves in a friendly,
respectful manner. There is a Right and Wrong way in which to do anything.
Thanks for reading this article and I hope it has been helpful to someone.
Peace and Be Blessed.


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