“Happy Memorial Day To All Our Veterans”

I am so delighted to be writing this article in regards to all of our
veterans here in America. They are the truly the brave ones who sacrifice
their lives to serve our country. Where would America be today without
their bravery and boldness and strong-will to fight on for what is right?

Their bold determination to help make America home of the brave, land of the
free is still standing strong today. We as citizens have a lots to thank God for. I thank God for You All. I am so grateful for all of your willingness to
go to some strange land and fight for what is right. To help protect the innocent from those who want to transgress against us for no reason at all.

I pray God continue to bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and
guide her. And believe it or not, God is going to do that. There are lots of
praying people here in America who love God and our country. So to All of you
you Veterans On this Memorial Day, “I love All of You and Have A Happy Memorial Day and May You All Be blessed with a long healthy, wealthy, prosperous life. I pray the spirit of God be with You All to help lead and
guide you in wherever you do or might go. May the grace of God be upon All of you, and I pray God take care of All the veterans.

Peace and Be Blessed. God Take care of our Veterans and continue to Bless
America! Amen, Amen, and Amen. Thank you Jesus!


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