“Changing Times”

Times has changed and so have we. The things that was once considered feasible a couple of years ago is no longer considered that way. Society has incorporated so many new ideas and logics into our way of living. The things in which we once relied upon and considered to be our way or life is no longer in control. Society with new technology being brought forth everyday no longer can exist and be a functional society without it’s rapid growth. These new techniques are so vital and necessary in the changing times in which we are living now. The things that once helped us to function properly, some of them is outdated or no longer can serve the purpose.

There are some things that will “Never change and will always remain in it’s
natural form or resource. One of these things is water. Yes, water is something that man didn’t make and it is a gift from God. This is a natural resource that will forever remain the same. We will always be able to
drink and enjoy it in all of the different facets that we are accustomed to.
Unless something or someone pollutes it with filth or other harmful chemicals
that is dangerous and hazardous to society. We pray this never happen. That is why this resource should be guarded well. It is important and vital to
our society.

The rapid growth of malls has somewhat taken over the fun that we once enjoyed
going “Down-town to shop. Now big malls have been built to replace the shopping and meeting and greeting one another on a daily basis downtown.
This would be a place people would go on a Saturday morning and sometimes
would hang out all day just going to the movie theatres. There used to be several different movies theatres downtown which one could choose from.
A couple would meet there and just hang out. It was so much fun to
be downtown. This is where the action was and everyone would be there doing
something fun and exciting. There were social clubs to hang out. Men and women would often-times get off work and go to one of these clubs or bars and sit down and hang out to have a bear or some type of wine or liquor and have a drink. They knew their limits and wouldn’t over due it. They would drink in moderation. Because there were police patrolling the areas at all times. They didn’t want to go to jail because of intoxication. You couldn’t hardly tell they would have had a drink. Their personality didn’t change that much. If anything, they would be more talkative but in a nice friendly manner. Or laugh and kid around but in a respectful way. No one would get
ignorant or want to start fighting or humiliating no one.

A person could go downtown and have a good time. Without being afraid someone was going to rob or attack them. These kinds of thought weren’t constantly on our minds. We knew that if we were going downtown this is a place where we are going to have fun and meet new people. Some people have found their mates, and have found their special love right down town. This used to be a place where couples would find sometimes true love. People were so friendly and everyone was in a good frame of mind. There wasn’t a lots of drugs out then. People were more sensible and wouldn’t be caught drunk hanging out in the streets or high on some type of illegal substance. They had nice clean fun with each other.

People would meet at their favorite restaurant downtown and sit to have lunch or dinner. It was so many of them to choose from. Everyone had something to
look forward to, and that was going downtown to relax and enjoy meeting
and viewing people coming and going. There were so many people going in and out of the different shopping stores there. It was fun and exciting. People would sometimes have their family with them , the young and old would hang
out Downtown. The older people really didn’t fear for their lives because
no one was really trying to rob or hurt them. They felt safe walking down town. Even during the late evening hours, just before dusk, people would still be hanging out downtown, waiting for their buses to come. Back then
a lots of people rode the buses and wasn’t driving. They enjoyed getting on the bus meeting and talking to new people. It seems as if people were so
much more friendlier and eager to talk to one another. Their conversations
were nice and respectful. Hardly ever did any type of physical violent
erupt on the bus. The bus ride was sometimes long and enjoyable, you would
feel so comfortable that some people would fall asleep on the bus. The bus
driver knew the people who rode his bus so well, that he would wake the person up if they had fallen asleep, to inform them this is their bus-stop and
it was time for them to get off. They would be so appreciative.

The love among people back in the day was so much greater. People loved and respected one another. They would look out for each other. If someone knew someone on the bus wasn’t feeling that great, they would ask them where they lived and would help assist them to their home and sometime remain there until someone from their family would come to see about them. That is just how strong love for one another was before time changed.

But yes, time has changed and sometimes I wonder is it for the better or worse? Only society and time will tell. Let us all try to love one another and get along with each other. Share the love and live to give. Try our
best to make someone happy, make someone smile. That way love will conquer
hate. People let’s portray more love and concern for our neighbors. Live
the best life we can and be a light to someone on this planet earth.
Peace and Be Blessed.


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