“Happy 4th Of July Everyone”

This a day of celebration. Here in the United States people are
celebrating their independence in so many ways. Some are spending time
having fun and excitement with their families and friends. Majority of
people might be grilling outdoors, bar-b-cue, hamburgers, hot-dogs, steaks,
corn, alligator, shrimp and lots more. Whatever your taste-buds calls for,
eat, be happy and enjoy being with one another. Share this fun time laughing, talking, and getting acquainted with friends and relatives that
you haven’t seemed in quite a while.

Whatever, just have fun and be safe. drive safely and with caution. But please don’t drive drunk. Let other friends or family members take you home
if you have had too much to drink. If you do drink, please drink sociably.
Don’t drink to get drunk unless you are at home and can just crush out there.
But when your life and other lives are on the line, please be considerate and
think with common sense. “Live And Let Live.” Don’t make the mistake of
thinking you can handle driving behind the steering wheel of a car, knowing you have consumed more than your share of alcohol. Let this be a fun day
go ahead, Enjoy, have some clean, safe, fun.

So Enjoy, and be “Happy and make everyone else happy. Now what I am about to say does not “Apply to Everyone. Only those who are guilty of behaving like this. “WORDS OF CAUTION” Be courteous, polite, nice and kind Don’t stir up unnecessary arguments with anyone. Try your best to get along with those who you come in contact with. Please be a role model to the younger generation. Don’t start any fighting, cursing around women and being disrespectful. Have a nice, clean enjoyable 4th of July. Try your best to get along with everyone and have yourself some fun!

With these words being said, “Do What Makes You Happy” but make sure it is
in line with “What Is Right And Feasible”. “Remember, “Do Unto Others As You
Would Have Then Do Unto You. Enjoy your family, be careful with the Fire-works, don’t leave under-age children unattended with fire-works. Always be
there when they are getting ready to light them up, make sure they are safe.
If the fire-works require an adult assistant, it is best an adult light it up
for them. Also watch the children in the swimming pools, don’t leave them
by themselves. Make sure an adult is there to assist them to make sure they
are safe.

I hope everyone dance, listen to some good music, and eat some good food,
and enjoy your family for the 4th. “Have A Happy 4th of July Everyone”.
We are Blessed to be celebrating our independence. Peace And Be Blessed. his


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