A Troubled Mind

Disclaimer: Please note: This article is written for entertainment purposes only. This is the opinion of the author and is not intended for medical advice. you should seek the advice of a physician if you feel it necessary for any mental or psychological problem you might be experiencing. It is written to be enjoyed by the readers at their discrepancy.

How often have you heard someone say or perhaps either you for instance might have said these words before, “I have a trouble mind.”
But have you ever stop to think why am I feeling this way? The troubles we encountered in our life can be connected to so many facets of life. The life-style in which we live or the environment can make us feel this way.

A troubled mind is scary and confusing. It can ruin relationships, lives,
marriages, families, and can be destructive in so many ways. This is a thing that can tear you down. Your whole appearance changes. The way in which you are thinking is often times reflected on your face. Facial features reveal a lots about our emotional state of being. If there is a serious situation
controlling your life and you can’t find an answer to the problem, this is
when you will begin to have a troubled mind.

A troubled mind brings on stress, depression, heart-aches, pain, humility,
loss of appetite sometimes, lost of interest in the things that once used to matter to you the most. A trouble mind is dangerous people. This is like poison to the soul. It is a nagging, plaguing, never-ending menace that
enjoys torturing you in so many ways.

You can receive it from so many different sources and things in life that has
you bogged down. For instance, if you have a rebellious child who want obey you or do right regardless, this can put your mind in a frizzle. You have tried everything humanly possible to deal with this child but nothing seems to work. This will most certainly cause you to have a troubled mind. Your mind is troubled because you can’t seemed to find a remedy to help solve the problem with this rebellious child. Also your mind can be troubled in so many different ways.

Here are some of the major reasons: Unemployment, divorce, physical disability that enables you completely, financial problems, dating, death,
loss of memory, Lonely, and sometimes a personal appearance can cause some to be troubled, physical appearance, not liking the way your body look,
so many things can cause a troubling mind.

But whenever I have a troubled mind I began to pray and
meditate on Jesus. This is the only sure remedy that helps bring me back to normal. I began to feel better, look better and act better. Now it works for me. The only way it will work for anyone is that you got to believe and know that God will take care of you and that sincere prayer changes things.
Peace and be blessed. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.


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