Let’s Pray America

America, first of all, I want say I truly sympathize to all of the hurting and grieving families who has been affected by these unpredictable hardships that has occurred in their life.  Let us all come together and unite into prayer for the families of New Orleans and California.  They have suffered tremendous loss that is truly a great misfortune to them and their families.  We can all do a great service even if you have nothing to contribute, please share your prayers and ask God to give them all the strength and stamina to keep the faith and go on.  I know this is not an easy thing to do when calamity and circumstances beyond their control have altered their life-styles and caused them pain and sorrows.  This is a time for those of us who are true Christians and believe in  a true and living God to come together and whisper a prayer to God.

Let us pray to God to please have mercy and to stop the water from flooding and to also stop the uncontrollable wild-fires from spreading any further.  I know God will hear and answer our prayers as long as we are all sincere and mean them from our hearts.  This is a time when our brothers needs us in more ways than one.  Some people can’t stand it when terrible things happen in their lives.  They don’t know how to overcome the loss and grief and despair that often accompany  these horrible ordeals that has taken place in their lives.  Some don’t know what to do, who to talk to because some have lost everything and don’t know where they are going to live.  This can be heart-breaking and bring on depression and frustration to many.  I know how it feel to lose everything and feel like your whole world has come to a abrupt halt.  All I can do is recommend prayer because prayer is what carried me through.  I know God is a “Merciful God because in his word, God says his mercy endures forever.”

Therefore, let us bond together and pray that God have mercy on these families and the “Whole World” so that everything will be alright and that God give all these people the strength to carry on.  I know God will take care of us. Thanks and Have a Great Day

Love And Peace To Everyone..




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