The Pain Of Having Someone You Love Hurt You

Hello Everyone,


I felt compelled to write this article today regarding how to deal with the pain you feel when someone really close and dear to you,  hurt you in a way that is sometimes indescrible. You can’t really explain the pain you feel deep down inside because it is just too overwhelming.  You want to pretend like this never happened but it did.

Once you come into the harsh reality that this one special person who you love and adore has destroyed something inside of your inner-being.  This person has disturbed the peace within you.  Your heart, body, mind, spirit and soul feels as if they have been ripped apart.  You feel like no one else in the world has experienced this extruciating pain that your heart is enduring right now.  You might even  ask youself over and over again what happened to make him or her do or say that to me?  This is the person I truly trusted and would have never imagined he would have treated me this way.  You debate about the reason why so long.  Until you finally get tired of even thinking that something this terrible has occured in your life.  You might not know what to do, who to turn to, you feel like this is it.  It can’t get no worse than this.  But you know what, You Got To Stay Strong.  Hold On Don’t Give Up Because A Change Is Gonna Come.  You might go to bed thinking about it, crying and really feeling horrible about it.  It want go away, the pain keeps throbbing in your inner-spirit, you feel alone, lost and as if no one cares.  You might say to yourself, why me, how come this had to happen to me, I don’t deserve this kind of treatment.  I am a nice person, I try to treat everybody right but someone like this person who I invested my time, energy, and love in has made me feel like my whole world has been turned upside down.  You might feel like after this faltering incident in your life, that you will never allow your heart and mind to feel this way about anyone else.  You have tried to analyze this situation but still there is no reasonable explanaion for his or her behavior.  It wasn’t  fair and right to you the way this person behaved towards you.  Especially if it was in a situation where there were others around to hear the evil words coming from his mouth towards you,  You feel ashamed, afraid to go out of the door because of what has taken place between you and the one you cared so much about.  This person has destroyed a trust between you two.  You will never feel the same about this person again simply because of the choice he or she made.  The choice he or she made wasn’t realistic at all.  Choosing to rectify something wrong for the thing which you said was right.  Instead he or she choise to please someone else.  Hurting you and going along with the other party’s desire.  Not caring how you feel regardless to all the time, and effort you have invested with this friendship.  You were always trying to make sure this person was alright and this is the thanks you get.  He or she abandons you to please someone else.  It is a hurting, humiliating feeling, you want to cry and ask yourself why me, what did I do to you to make you so easily forget the love, and time I dedicated to you when I could have been doing something for myself to please me but instead I neglected myself to be with you so you could be alright.  You showed me that you are definitely not right by turning against me for someone you hardly know.  This is truly devastating  I can’t forget about this overnight, it will take time.  I hope and pray that time heals this wounded heart, if not I will never feel the same about you.  This is what sometimes Friends, not spouses, or lovers will do to you.  It can be worse  coming from only friends.

This is an article I wanted to share with of you who has been hurt by someone you love and

trust.  Remember, Be Strong, Carry On.  Peace And Be Blessed.








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