Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Life can bring about lots of changes in our lives.  As a child, we often think of what we want to become as we get older.  Life is much different when we are children and we keep those dreams and hopes in our self-consciencous minds.  The older we become, the more intense and realistic those dreams began to become.  We are getting closer to the dream that we kept as a fantasy for so long.  You can make it become a reality or  either make it become non-existence.  It is all up to the way in which we as individuals keep hope alive.  We can smother our wonderful thoughts of all the good things in  life we desire, or keep focusing on those unworthy and terrifying things, by choosing the wrong path.  Therefore, it is imperative that we Never Give Up On Our Dreams, no matter where we live, what type of family environment we came from, who our parents or relatives are, we have got to keep in mind that we can Make it thorough all the tension, misfourtunate situations that some of us might be experiencing.  Keep your faith in God.  We  must realize it is going to take a supernatural power or force to keep our minds in tune to what we really want to accomplish without thinking about the things that surround us.  Even though, this is not easy to do, we have to Pray.  Pray and Belive that all things are possible, if you only believe.  Never Give Up On Y our Dreams.  Remember to dream big and big things will eventually come to you.  Have patience and wait on the Lord, because God wants good things to happen to us in this life.  It is God’s will that we prosper and Be In God Health.  This is God’s word, he said it and it is up to us to believe it and work toward that common goal, which we seek and we will find it with God’s guidance and love.   Remember:  Never Give Up On Your Dream.   Peace and Be Blessed.


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