Keep Hope Alive

Hello World,

I am delighted to be speaking on my favorite subject.  Hope is something we all need to tresure and keep in our hearts.  We should try not to ever get to the point where we feel like life isn’t worth living, because it is.  Life is  beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.  This is what God’s plan for us on this earth to be faithful and to trust and believe  in his holy word.   God want us to always trust and believe that he will take care of us.  No matter what the circumstance that you might be experiencing right now, always remember there is a powehigher and greater than you, who can do anything but fail.  We need to keep this in our mind and not be so easily to falter into temptations of life when the going gets tough.  We have to know that our creator God will make a way somehow for us to overcome this adversity that has surmonted in our life.  It might be to difficult or seem impossible to you but just know that with God All things are possible if you only believe.  You must have hope and faith that God will take care of you and bring you through your darkest hour.  God loves us all and it is his will that we be bless and prosper.  God created every one of us for a reason.  You are all unique individuals with whon God can use to help bring his plans into action.  We all have a work to do on this earth.  Don’t let the trials and triubulations of life make you feel like you can’t make it.

There is always hope that you can do anything that you feel you are qualified and experienced to do.  You must keep hope alive and try your best to make some, if not all of your dreams come true.   Make at least some of them come into being.  The only way this is possible is to keep hope alive.  I pray everyone keep dreaming, hoping and believing and one day you will receive.  Peace and be blessed.


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