In Times Like These

We  are living in perilous times.  These are times of uncertainty, tension and frustration.  Times when people don’t know whether there are going to be a future for our country or not.  There are several factors that are affecting the direction in which our nation are headed.  People in our society, young and old are confused and really are in a dilemna.  They don’t know where this country is headed.  Are there going to be disaster and chaos or will there ever be peace for anyone?  Don’t no one know for sure.  All we can do is to continue to pray and ask God, to please continue to bless America.   I know God can and he will.   Prayer changes things.  

America keep praying and trusting in God and everything will be alright.  These days which we are living in, is really full of lots of sorrows.  We can experience fear and anxiety through how the weather is now a days.  It wasn’t so intense the way it is now.  I can remember growing up, we probably had some tornadoes coming through during that peak time of season but it wouldn’t be as often as now.

 Each month  during the peak season, somewhere in the United States a tornado has occurred.  I can remember not having the weather anchor to get people prepared for this season.  This is something good, because it is weather alert and  prepareness, which helps saves lives.  Never have I experienced anything like this.  It brings on anxiety,  frustration and depression.  It is especially frightening for those who live alone.  Eveuryone should check on their elderly family members to make sure they

are okay.  If they are by themselves, perhaps go and get them and invite them to be with your family if it is possible, until after the storm is over.  That way, it want be such a frightening experience having to deal with this turmoil alone.  It can be devasting to those of us, who are still able to take reufuge when we know something so strong is coming through; with winds 100 miles per hour.  We see the after-effects and how much damage these strong tornadoes can cause.  I feel like we all need to request lots more tornado shelters be built now since we know our weather is going to be devasting.  The bible says prepare for war in time of peace.  Noone ever knows when a storm might come through.  We never had a tornadoe in December down south but we had one on Christmas day, which came through the heart of the inner city and did tremendous damage to houses, etc, luckily noone was killed.  Thank God.

All I am trying to tell the people is to please take heed to these warnings.  Remember: Warning comes before destruction.  I donot like having to write about things of this nature but these things are affecting our life-style and livilhood.  They must not be ignored.  Let’s build more shelters in our neighborhoods to help protect our people.  America does come first.  Our people is what makes up our country, let’s protect everyone here now not later.  We should start building these strorm shelters before the peak season.  Do it now before another major disaster strilke.

I will never forget the tornado in Alabama in 2011 where there were so many in one night, one big one behind the other, they demolish the neighborhoods, it looke like a war zone.  Two hundred and fity two people lost their lives. let’s do something about this situation.  Since then, some storm shelters have been built, for those affected areas but the way things are looing and going, every community should have a storm shelter, so when disaster strilkes, there will be somewhere everyone in the city can go and stay until the tornado pass through.

I can go on and on about these changing times but I will return to write on other disasterous things which are taking place in times like these.  I felt this one is the most important one because it affects the lives of our people.  Until then, i pray God grace and peace be with you all.  Peace and Love.


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