Happy Thanksgiving “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”.  This is a good time of year.   A great time to spend time with family and friends eating good turkey and dressing, turnip or collard greens, cabbages, fruit salads, carrot salad, potatoe salad, macaronic and cheese,  dressing, cakes, potatoe pies, ham, and all the good food items that are not … More

“Happy New Year”

“Happy New Year to Everyone”. I am believing and having faith that this will be one of the most magnificent year ever for people all over the world. I pray that everyone gets their dreams and goals met. There will be happiness and prosperity throughout the universe. That we all come together as one and … More “Happy New Year”


This is something that we all should be taking under consideration.  What do we want to do with our lives?  To some this question is very easy to answer because they know exactly what it is that makes them happy. Whatever you enjoy doing the most and have a passion for is the position in … More Careers