Let’s Pray America

America, first of all, I want say I truly sympathize to all of the hurting and grieving families who has been affected by these unpredictable hardships that has occurred in their life.  Let us all come together and unite into prayer for the families of New Orleans and California.  They have suffered tremendous loss that is truly a great misfortune … More Let’s Pray America

A Troubled Mind

Disclaimer: Please note: This article is written for entertainment purposes only. This is the opinion of the author and is not intended for medical advice. you should seek the advice of a physician if you feel it necessary for any mental or psychological problem you might be experiencing. It is written to be enjoyed by … More A Troubled Mind

“Happy 4th Of July Everyone”

This a day of celebration. Here in the United States people are celebrating their independence in so many ways. Some are spending time having fun and excitement with their families and friends. Majority of people might be grilling outdoors, bar-b-cue, hamburgers, hot-dogs, steaks, corn, alligator, shrimp and lots more. Whatever your taste-buds calls for, eat, … More “Happy 4th Of July Everyone”

“Changing Times”

Times has changed and so have we. The things that was once considered feasible a couple of years ago is no longer considered that way. Society has incorporated so many new ideas and logics into our… Source: “Changing Times”