In Times Like These

We  are living in perilous times.  These are times of uncertainty, tension and frustration.  Times when people don’t know whether there are going to be a future for our country or not.  There are several factors that are affecting the direction in which our nation are headed.  People in our society, young and old are confused and really … More In Times Like These

Keep The Faith

There are going to be days when it appears as if everything you touch turn to mush. Don’t give up and get discouraged. The thing to do is continue to have faith. Believe that things are going to get better, they simply cannot get any worse than that which you are experiencing right now. Please … More Keep The Faith

Let Your Mind Be Free

We should try to forget about things that has caused our bodies, minds, spirits and souls tremendous stress and strain.  We need to release all the unnecessary complications and mind boggling situations that affects us this way.  It has only caused our minds to be stagnated and filled with bitter sweet toxins of things and events … More Let Your Mind Be Free

The Hidden Sin

What is the hidden sin? It is something that comes back to haunt you again and again.  The hidden sin is somethingp>that you can’t see, it lurks inside to haunt you and me.It will never let you forget  all the things that make you upset.> It can be good or bad, this is a feeling … More The Hidden Sin