September 11, 2001

God Bless America! Land that I love, stand beside her and guide her. Yes these are really true words that are meant from my heart. I love America and what it stands for. Most Americans will never forget this day of tragedy, we will all remember the events that happened to change time and the … More September 11, 2001

“America, Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave”

That sayings by itself means so much to me and countless of other Americans here. Sometimes I often wonder, do everyone really appreciate being here in America? Our culture and Society is so much different than most of the other third world countries. I Thank God for being a citizen here in America everyday. One … More “America, Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave”


This is something that we all should be taking under consideration.  What do we want to do with our lives?  To some this question is very easy to answer because they know exactly what it is that makes them happy. Whatever you enjoy doing the most and have a passion for is the position in … More Careers